ottawa lifestyle photographer


I'm SILKEN, nice to meet you.

I am going to tell you a bit about myself, in hopes you will share some of yourself with me. I actually have TWO reasons why I do what I do, and I am SO passionate about both.

You know the corny saying "a picture tells a thousand words"...well its true. I love freezing time - creating little time capsules to come back to later and relive a moment. I don't have a lot of regrets in life but, I do wish I started photography earlier. This is for two reasons. One, because I can never grow fast enough, I have so many ideas and I just wish they were all in place. Two, because I wish I had more pictures of my brother - I wish my mom had more pictures of my brother, and don't get me wrong there is, in a box somewhere, hundreds of 4X6's some of which he would be in. But I mean family pictures, the wow pictures you hang on your walls, the emotive pictures that make you feel something, the ones that tell a story. I LOVE THOSE, thats why I aim to have you in the moment and not staring at my camera, I want you interacting with each other. That is what I want to photograph, I want to make those moments into art that you can relive whenever you see it. I want you print those have them to pass down for generations for a 100 years or more.  I lost my brother when I was 13. It was hard, but honestly sometimes I think watching my mom go through it was harder. It been Over 15 years now, I see the way she looks at pictures of him, I feel the way I look at pictures of him. Pictures are PRICELESS.


I didn't actually discover this why until I found my niche in photography. At first, as most photographers do, I shot everything and anything. Eventually I found what I truly love. Maternity. A mom being a mom.  

My favourite thing to here at a gallery reveal is "I feel so beautiful", "I look like a goddess". YES, YES YOU DO, BECAUSE YOU ARE. Pregnancy has got to be one of the most downplayed miracles on this earth. You are creating life, you are building life, pardon my language but you ARE a FRICKEN QUEEN and I will work SO hard to make every mama believe this...because I have been in your shoes.  What pregnancy did to my body knocked me down hard. I didn't even get photos because I disliked myself so much, oh boy do I regret that. I look back at myself and see myself in a different light. I want you to skip over that disliking yourself phase and let me show you how much of an absolute goddess you are. 

MY next why

more about me.