Ottawa Newborn Photography

Our Ottawa newborn photography sessions are perfect for families who want to preserve the beauty of their newest member in timeless photographs. We specialize in capturing the delicate features and unique personality of your newborn in a variety of artistic and heartwarming poses.

Ideally scheduled within the first two weeks of your baby's arrival when they are most sleepy and easily posed. We serve clients in the comfort of their home, the cozy and safe environment for your newborn ensures a stress-free experience.

 These early moments are fleeting, and our goal is to create images that become treasured memories for a lifetime.

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At Silk Sellinger Photography, our newborn sessions are a celebration of the newest addition to your family. From the tiny fingers to the delicate features, we specialize in capturing the pure essence of your precious newborn.

Our sessions are designed to be a seamless and enjoyable experience for both baby and parents. As a seasoned Ottawa newborn photographer, I understand the importance of timing and patience, ensuring that we capture those fleeting moments that define the early days of your little one's life.

What sets us apart is the personalized and professional touch we bring to each session. I understand that every family and every baby is unique, and I strive to tailor each photoshoot to reflect your individual style and preferences. Your newborn's safety and comfort are our top priorities, and our expertise in working with infants ensures a relaxed and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

"Best photo shoot session. She is very professional and pictures are perfect. Recommend to everyone she is the best."

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Book a call! This is where we go over your goals for the session & you get all the information you need. 


Questionnaire! This helps me style your family  & lets me get to know you all so I can better capture your true selves! Next, I'll style your family. This can be done in the comfort of your home , via zoom, or via a personalized video.


We create those dream Ottawa newborn photos!


I hand edit the best images from our time together


The best part! The viewing  appointment. Done in the comfort of your home, at a cozy coffee shop or via zoom!


Your heirloom portraits are an investment and should not be rushed. Please allow 6-8 weeks for product delivery. You will receive your online gallery within 1 week.


and enjoy!


pricing starts at 790


print products begin at 190 //
collections begin at 990 // Digital Collections available

At Silk Sellinger Photography, we prioritize your experience from the very first consultation. Our client-centric approach begins with a complimentary Zoom consultation, where we not only discuss your vision for the session but also guide you through our exclusive client closet. This curated selection of wardrobe options ensures that you not only look but feel your best during your session.

Our commitment to excellence extends to providing in-home session options, creating an environment where your family can authentically shine. We believe in capturing the essence of your unique story, and what better place to do so than the comfort of your own home? This personalized touch ensures that every image is a genuine reflection of your family's personality and connection.

With Silk Sellinger Photography, it's not just about capturing moments; it's about crafting an experience that leaves you with treasured memories. From wardrobe guidance to in-home sessions, our goal is to make every step of the process seamless and enjoyable, ensuring that your family's story is told with authenticity, warmth, and a touch of luxury.

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I didn't actually discover this why until I found my niche in photography. At first, as most photographers do, I shot everything and anything. Eventually I found what I truly love. Maternity. A mom being a mom, it's so powerful. 

My favourite thing to here at a gallery reveal is "I feel so beautiful", "I look like a goddess". YES, YES YOU DO, BECAUSE YOU ARE. Pregnancy has got to be one of the most downplayed miracles on this earth. You are creating life, you are building life, pardon my language but you ARE a FRICKEN QUEEN and I will work SO hard to make every mama believe this...because I have been in your shoes.  What pregnancy did to my body knocked me down hard. I didn't even get photos because I disliked myself so much, oh boy do I regret that. I look back at myself and see myself in a different light. I want you to skip over that disliking yourself phase and let me show you how much of an absolute goddess you are. 

MY why


I'm Silken nice to meet you


When is the best time to schedule a newborn session?

Can siblings and parents be included in the session?

Ideally, within the first two weeks of your baby's arrival, as they are more likely to sleep deeply and are easily posed during this time.

Absolutely! We encourage including family members in the session to capture the love and connection within the family.

What should my baby wear or bring to the session?

We provide a variety of props and wraps, but feel free to bring a special blanket or outfit. We recommend dressing your baby in easy-to-remove clothing to avoid disturbing their sleep.

How long does a typical newborn session last?

Newborn sessions typically last 2-3 hours to allow for feeding, soothing, and capturing a variety of poses. We prioritize a relaxed pace to ensure both baby and parents are comfortable throughout the process.